Terms and Conditions of services to students in helping for Test Preparation​ and obtain admissions for study abroad and visa guidance: (Last updated 2024, April)

1) Urban Coach is a liasoning center to help process the student's admission and visa application with the institutions and embassy/consulate.

2) Urban Coach requires a minimum of 2-6 months prior to the commencement of the intake applied for, in order to process the admissions in the institutes of a particular country. This process will commence only after the receipt of the total non-refundable processing fees and all the documents.

3) Once the student is enrolled and has submitted the required documents to the satisfaction of Urban Coach, the student is required to visit the Urban Coach office only when called. If the student wishes to meet the counselor concerned meanwhile, he/she can do so with the prior appointment over the phone. The student is expected to give his/her contact details so that he/she could be contacted by the Urban Coach office.

4) Every student has to pay prescribed non-refundable fees at the time of the enrolment for availing the services for Admission, Test Preparation, Visa Advisory services, and post-landing services. Once a student enrolls himself/herself with Urban Coach for being assisted to get admission to institutions or take up the test preparation services, and paid the Urban Coach prescribed fees, the fees so paid will not be returned/refunded under any circumstances and the student has no right to claim a refund of part or whole of the fees so paid to Urban Coach for the assistance, even if the student later drops out at any stage, nor will any adjustment be allowed towards new services which the students may later request the Urban Coach to render.

5) The authenticity of all the documents, including academic documents, financial statements, recommendation letters, etc. is the responsibility of the student.

6) Urban Coach will not be responsible for the inordinate postal delays if any in the movements of documents or receipt of information or changes in the immigration rules of the country for which the application is processed.

7) If the program applied at the time of the application processing is not forthcoming, Urban Coach will process the application for admission to a different program of a different university or a different country if the student desires so.

8) Urban Coach will not be responsible if the student’s admission is rejected due to his/her unsatisfactory credentials.

9) Admissions are subject to minimum IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and SAT scores specified by the respective institution. Failure in measuring up to the required standard disqualifies the student from admission.

10) All the deadlines drawn up and issued by Urban Coach have to be met by the student, such as handing over the documents, remitting the tuition and other fees of the institutions, college fees' draft towards nonrefundable application fees/full tuition fees, as required by the institution. Any delay caused in this regard will delay the admission/visa procedure.

11) It is the responsibility of the student to forward the scores of the IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and SAT officially through the exam/test conducting body and get confirmation that the scores have reached the respective departments. Urban Coach will not be responsible for delays on the part of the student in forwarding the scores and getting the confirmation of receipt.

12) In case of visa rejection, the fees paid to the institution will be receivable directly in the name of the student in their bank account from the institution within 4 months after receiving the original refusal letter from the student. Urban Coach will not be responsible to reimburse the fees paid to the institution by the student.

13) Visa fees paid to the Embassy irrespective of the country is non-refundable and Urban Coach cannot reimburse it under any circumstances.

14) Urban Coach’s liability is restricted to the fees paid to Urban Coach only and will not be liable for any other fees/expenses incurred by the applicant.

15) IMPORTANT: Any appointment of new agent or change of agent for University applications must be communicated, and students must obtain written consent from UrbanCoach before doing so. Failure to do so will result in the student being liable to pay the prescribed fee outlined in the premium section starter package.